International Institute of Positive Psychology

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Positive Psychology Programs. Coaching Services. Assessment Centre Consulting. Positive OD Consulting. Distance Learning/Correspondence Programs and Courses

Who we are

International Institute of Positive Psychology (IIPP) is a positive psychology school and an initiative to nurture future thought leaders in the sphere of Positive Psychology. The purpose of IIPP is to create awareness, share learning and facilitate workshops in the business and nonprofit world. Positive Psychology, as a science of happiness and well-being is a revolutionary  and intensive science backed by research and something that is changing the world around us fundamentally. 

IIPP is a division of Rectangle Consulting, a business advisory and niche human capital consulting firm and our vision is "to help create a society where emotional well-being blends beautifully with the material world"

What we do

At the International Institute of Positive Psychology (IIPP), we develop not only the thought leaders of the future but the present and future "action heroes", as along with thoughts we need immaculate execution. From the flagship PGP program in Positive Psychology to corporate consulting, we have just one thing in mind - to facilitate in creating a  flourishing human capital, whether they are coaches, techies, psychologists, human resource professionals or anyone who wishes to live and work differently.

Please dive in, know about us and if you join a course or program, we would make sure that you learn in the most flexible learning environment. Besides education, we are into business advisory services and we assist organizations and teams in being their best!