International Institute of Positive Psychology is inspired by one of the greatest psychologists of modern times, Professor Martin Seligman, who steered the genesis of the Positive Psychology Movement.

The International Institute of Positive Psychology is started by academicians and psychologists and it offers online and independent learning programs in Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Positive Nutrition. The institute is a division of niche boutique consulting firm, Rectangle Consulting.

IIPP has academic collaboration with School of Positive Transformation, which is founded by renowned Positive Psychologist Dr Itai Ivtzan, program leader of MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) at the University of East London (UEL). He is also an honorary senior research associate at University College London (UCL). He published many books, journal papers, and book chapters and his main areas of research are spirituality, mindfulness, meaning, and self-actualisation. He has developed many online courses in the area of Positive Psychology and Mindfulness. Please visit the "Programs" tab to know more