200 Guided Mindfulness Meditation Scripts


These Guided Mindfulness Scripts will help you:

These scripts are provided by Mindfulness Exercises, an online platform which shares free and premium mindfulness resources for mindfulness practitioners and mindfulness meditation teachers alike.

Mindfulness Exercises was founded by Sean Fargo in 2014 with the intention to help people live with embodied presence, compassion and resilience

Practicing mindfulness allows us to relate to ourselves and others with greater care and wisdom. As we engage with our world differently, we notice our own experience of life shifting in fulfilling ways.

Over 20 million people have benefited from the free and premium resources on our site, including downloadable meditations, guided meditation scripts, mindfulness worksheets, courses, content and live online retreats.

Who are these 200 Guided Meditation Scripts for?

Do you wish you had more confidence leading meditations for others?

          These will give you the confidence you need!

Do you feel confident leading meditations, but wish you just had more ideas and options for different meditations you could do?

         These will bring new ideas and options for your meditations!

Do you wish you could quickly and easily produce a large amount of valuable content that you could share with your members, followers, or clients?

          These will provide a large library of content to share with others!

Do you wish you could add more variety to your meditation sessions? Would you like to be able to do a different meditation almost every time you lead your clients or members in a session?

          These will keep your meditations fresh by introducing new ideas and processes!

Do you want more ideas for how to create your own meditations?

          These are the perfect inspiration to create your own new meditations!

Are you a therapist, counselor, teacher, coach, or anyone else who leads others in meditation?

          These meditation scripts have been used by thousands of people just like you!

Are you just getting started leading others in meditation?

          These provide a great roadmap to increase your confidence and skill!

Are you an experienced meditation teacher or leader, but you want to freshen things up?

          These will give you new ways to keep your meditations fresh and new!

Are you a beginner or experienced meditator, and you’d like to just improve your own practice?

          These will give you proven ways to build and improve your practice!