Advanced Certificate Program in Psychology

Advanced Certificate in Psychology - Course Information

Methodology of teaching: Online/Distance/Independent Study

This course can help you in both your personal and work life. By understanding how and why people think and behave a certain way; you can improve both:

  • Interpersonal Skills; and

  • Work skills

Psychology is an increasingly popular subject for students to study. There are so many different options from which to continue after completing a psychology course. At the moment, only a small percentage of psychology graduates continue to become professional psychologists. However, as the field is expanding more and more students are becoming professionals within the field.

There are many different areas of psychology, such as educational psychology, occupational psychology, criminological and legal psychology, psychology teaching and research. Each of these fields have different careers, pay and prospects within them. Some offer full time work, others only part time. Some offer consultancy and freelance work, whilst in others the psychologist is employed.

There is some degree of overlap between specialities, for example, clinical psychologists and educational psychologists may both work with children with mental health problems. Occupational and clinical psychologists may both work with people in prisons. Some careers also overlap with other professions, such as psychiatry and counseling.

The most common element of work within psychology is problem solving. This may be done as part of a team with other professionals. A psychologist will have to develop problem solving skills, objective data gathering, empirical methods, skills in statistical analysis, interpreting data, interviewing, computer use, experimental design, considering evidence, communicating conclusions.

This is a good starting course for those interested in gaining insights into human behaviour, learning, and psychological health, with the added dimension of practical involvement in the workplace.

Core Modules:

These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Advanced Certificate In Psychology:

  • Introduction To Psychology

  • Psychology & Counselling

  • Organisational Psychology

Elective Modules:

In addition to the core modules, students study any 3 of the following modules:

  • Educational Psychology

  • Industrial Psychology

  • Persuasion Psychology

  • Sports Psychology

  • Stress Management

  • Psychology of Coaching

  • Personality Psychology

  • Positive Psychology

Duration: 9-12 Months

Fees: INR 7500 for Indian Students and $200 for Foreign students

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